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Top 10 Pet Friendly Plants

If you have a cat or dog, it can be daunting to want to spruce up your living space. Between the toxicity that plants contain and the additional upkeep, a lot of homeowners decide it’s not worth it. However, a beautiful, plant filled house is entirely possible. You just have to do a little research. Or, if you’re reading this article, you just have to let me do the research for you. Which I did, so here are the top ten house plants that are pet friendly.

  1. Gloxinia


    This beautiful plant provides a strong color presence within the household. The Sinningia speciosa species are frequently given during holidays like Valentine’s Day or Christmas. Making them a great option when you’re trying to give your space a festive and welcoming feeling.

  2. Baby Tears


    If you’re looking for a naturalistic, green vibe, Baby Tears are your cup of tea. Great for rustic and modern houses, these plants give just the right amount of life to a space. The Baby Tears properly cover the soil to prevent your pup from digging while not overpowering a room. For minimalist design, this is your best bet.

  3. African Violet

    African Violet

    Stunning pink flowers define this wonderful plant. The African Violet is petite so it won’t be the centerpiece of a large room. That being said, it’s a terrific desk booster that works well in smaller homes and apartments. A natural brown or white pot will really help the colors of this plant pop.

  4. Banana


    In need of a large household plant? Look no further. Unlike weeping figs and other bigger plants, the Banana plant looks great and is kitty friendly. Perfect to place in unused corners, this plant provides great aesthetic in open floor plans.

  5. Spider Plant

    Spider Plant

    The Spider Plant is agelessly cool. Sleek, refined, and trendy since the dawn of time, the Spider Plant looks great in sun filled rooms. Florists like to joke that this plant is un-killable, and that’s because it nearly is. From frigid, dark areas to sunlit saunas, the Spider Plant thrives in all environments

  6. Venus Fly Trap

    Venus Fly Trap

    I can already guess what you’re wondering. No, Venus Fly Traps are not dangerous to your animal. Their bite is very weak, applying a micro amount of pressure. They do on the other hand, have the added effect of looking cool and being unique. These carnivorous plants will intrigue everyone you invite over. From adults to children, no one is unimpressed by a Venus Fly Trap. Plus, the fly population will greatly decrease!

  7. Boston Fern

    Boston Fern

    These common houseplants are a go-to for any homeowner. Easy to maintain, they especially thrive in indirect sunlight. If you have a window, putting your Boston Fern nearby will open up the space and create a splendidly comforting environment. Quick warning, the shaggy fronds do look enticing to dogs and cats, so, if you don’t want your animals engaging with your plants whatsoever, this may not be the plant for you. That being said, Boston Ferns are not toxic to animals, so your favorite pup is technically able to chew away.

  8. Friendship Plant

    Friendship Plant

    The Friendship Plant is a stunning bit of foliage that is endlessly fun to look at. It’s deep neon greens and almost fuzzy looking leaves give this plant-life style. The pink flowers that grow make this a great piece for white or beige walls. A strong contender for the coolest looking plant on this list. If you like a change of pace, this plant may just be your perfect match.

  9. Orchid


    Warning, Orchids are not necessarily easy to keep alive. If you want a challenge, you’ve got it with this finicky plant. Still, Orchids are timelessly beautiful and class up any room. The fact that they are safe for animals is almost criminal. Being able to have cute, fluffy animals and a gorgeous, refined plant is too much quality for any home. What I’m saying is, be careful, your neighbors may become too jealous of you.

  10. Bromeliad


    An easy to look at plant that brightens any room, the Bromeliad is very easy to maintain and one hundred percent kitty friendly. Just leave it by a window and water it occasionally, the plant will take care of the rest. One really cool feature of Bromeliads is that they can grow on logs. Meaning that you don’t even need potting soil. If your animal likes to dig, this is a great option for your home.

Having an animal does not mean that your home has to look bad. With a bit of know-how, you can turn your space into a bright, healthy living environment. Whether you choose the classic Baby Tears or go for more vibrant Friendship Plants, your guests will thank you for the added effort.