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Best Trees For Wisconsin Landscapes

Planting a tree can clean up the atmosphere and provide a beautiful addition to your property’s greenery. They may take a bit of effort, but the feeling of pride is always worth it. Whether you’re looking for more privacy or shade during the summer, there is a tree that will perfectly fit every home. The problem is figuring out which tree will fit your houses aesthetic while being able to thrive during all of Wisconsin’s seasons.

Here are six of the best trees to plant in any Wisconsin lawn:

  • Ginkgo


    Planting a Ginkgo tree in your front yard is like investing a piece of history. This ancient species dates back at least two-hundred and seventy years in the past. With large, umbrella shaped leaves, the Ginkgo will brighten your lawn with strikingly green colors during the spring/ summer and vibrant yellows during the fall. This tree does require a lot of room as it spreads its branches. Additionally, if you don’t want to pick up leaves, this isn’t the tree for you. Though, with a bit of effort, this tree will leave you in a constant state of wonder.

  • European Beech

    European Beech

    The European Beech is difficult to transplant and requires the care of an expert. However, if you’re lucky enough to house one of these beautiful trees, there will be little else you ever want to look at. The winding branch patterns and edible nuts are only two of a myriad of benefits this tree provides. If you are really looking for a showstopper, there are lots of varying cultivars including, bronze and purple-leaved beeches. While challenging, the European Beech is well worth the effort.

  • Tulip


    An easier to manage tree species is that of the Tulip. Think in your mind of a Wisconsin tree and this one will often come to mind. Its wide branches and traditional leaves inspire thoughts of childhood. A striking color change in the fall will give way to bright orange and red leaves before winter. The Tulip also has the advantage of growing quickly. If you aren’t the most patient person, the Tulip will deliver shading and privacy quicker than any of the trees on this list. Except, maybe, for the next tree on this list.

  • Hybrid Poplars

    Hybrid Poplars

    Hybrid Poplars grow at a comparably rapid rate to Tulip Trees. They easily thrive during Wisconsin’s cold winters, so maintenance is relegated to leaf pickup. Longterm maintenance is required as they grow five to eight feet per year. However, this tree trimming is fairly simple and manageable. One additional advantage for Hybrid Poplars is that they are cottonless, meaning that they’re a little more allergy friendly.

  • Ohio Buckeye

    Ohio Buckeye

    If you’re a college football fan you may be against sporting a competitor’s namesake, but the Ohio Buckeye is gorgeous plain and simple. It grows to between thirty to fifty feet high and thirty to thirty-five feet wide. They are large and majestic. Giving plenty of shade for larger properties. During spring Buckeyes are particularly beautiful due to their prominent yellow-green flowers. These trees are fairly durable, however during particularly hot, dry summers they are at risk of leaf blotch and leaf scorch. The best preventative measure is to simply help them through these times using proper maintenance techniques (Watering at the base of the tree instead of along the leaves and thorough trimming).

  • Kentucky Coffeetree

    Kentucky Coffeetree

    The Kentucky Coffeetree is a terrific option for homes because they are not prone to insect or disease. These trees will easily thrive in any urban neighborhood, sprouting coarse, textured branches and lush green leaves. The branch patterns give a unique style to the Kentucky Coffeetree that is all its own. In addition, Coffeetree seeds were used by colonists as a coffee substitute. This makes for something fun to try out, though the bitter flavor may be too strong for some coffee drinkers.

From the Hybrid Poplars to the Kentucky Coffeetree, adding foliage to your house will improve its value and your standard of living. These grand trees will live for a very long-time, making them a piece of your legacy. If you’re wanting to plant a tree in the near future, any of the trees listed above would be an ideal choice. So, prepare for your perfect landscape, it’s only a seed away.